Freitag, 31.08.2015 EXCHANGE FILMCAMP RATINALE 2015

nternational Ratinale Filmcamp • Youth Exchange 2015

Ratingen  • Gagarin • Maubeuge • Le Quesnoy • Kokkola • WuXi

We can’t wait to welcome our international twin city partners at the
1st international Youthcamp Ratingen 2015.

36 teenagers from China, Russia, Finland, France and of course Ratingen between 13 and 17 years are going to workshop at our international filmmaker Youthcamp.

10 days of “Come together, work together, live together”, all around a never have seen before shortcut filmproject. Today at 12am, Mayor Klaus Pesch started the final countdown at the general project press conference.

So, all you fellow friends in WuXi, Kokola, La Maubeuge, Le Quesnoy and Gagarin, we can’t wait to see you!

31.07. – 08.08.2015